The Benefits of Online Marketing for Medical Practices

With the rapid advancements in digital technology and social media, the most effective marketing tool a medical practice can utilize today is online marketing. This means having a website that provides a seamless experience, patient software that collects data and provides administrative support, and SEO implementation that propels your practice to the top of search engine results.

The website of a medical practice needs to be visually appealing and mobile-friendly, but it must also draw visitors in, capture their attention, establish a connection, and motivate them to take a further action. It then needs to assist prospective patients in getting information, setting appointments, or requesting a telephone call, and have automatic processes in place for maintaining contact.

Medical practices need to have a website which moves the visitor along a specific path with a goal of taking an action such as requesting a call or setting an appointment. The objective should be to convert 3-7 percent of website visitors into patients. If this process can be automated, it saves tremendous time and administrative effort, and increases patient billings. Here are ten tips that can help make a medical practice’s online marketing work harder than it does now:

  1. Lead Them Along

Most website visitors like to scan from left to right when reading, so your website should reflect this practice by placing the name and logo in a prominent position at the top left of the landing page. Make contact easier by highlighting the phone number and address in a different color on the top right of the landing page. Add click-to-call capabilities so potential patients can easily call your practice.

  1. Grab Their Attention

Most website visitors are not going to read every word on the landing page – they are going to take a few seconds to quickly scan it to see if your medical practice provides what they need. Using compelling headlines can help motivate them to step and spend some time, and will also be helpful in boosting search engine results.

  1. Be Visual

The use of strong, compelling graphics is paramount to effective website engagement. In this case, a picture really does equal a thousand words. The site should include a friendly picture of the medical practitioner on the landing page, along with pictures of helpful staff and people who look like satisfied patients.

  1. Use Video

Videos are the latest and most effective way of garnering website attention. With digital recorders and editing applications, it is fairly easy and quite affordable to produce a quality practice video. Best of all, video is a great way to show off your practice personality to potential patients.

  1. Build Credibility

People never like to think they are alone in making a decision, and that is where patient testimonials come into play. Ask satisfied patients to rate your practice or share stories about what they like best, as a way of building online word-of-mouth referrals.

  1. Be Helpful

Prospective patients are looking for more information, and are more willing to engage with medical practices that provide educational information they can use to look and feel better. Include an education area in your website where visitors can find more information about specific components of your medical practice. Search engine algorithms also look for regular and topical blog postings, so you will need to come up with a constant stream of pertinent information.

  1. Tout Your Benefits

Instead of just telling visitors why your medical practice is so great, you need to educate them about how your practice helps patients look or feel better. Use less features, and more benefit statements. For example, make sure you explain how your procedures, treatments, equipment and staff make life better, easier, or healthier for patients. If you are simply adding words to take up space, you’re not helping prospects get a better mental picture of your medical practice.

  1. Boost Knowledge

Most people come to a website looking for answers to a set number of questions. Along with the basics of what you do and contact information, provide FAQs for the most-often encountered questions, and then have an option for visitors to ask individual questions – just make sure you also have a way to get back to them with answers!

  1. Appointment Setting

The surest way to lock in a new patient is to set an appointment, so make sure your website is capable of automatically handling this function for you. Once the process is started you can have a team member call to confirm and answer any other questions.

  1. Be Engaging

Even if a visitor does not have a current need for your services, you want to stay engaged in case they experience a future need or know someone else who can benefit. Stay top-of-mind with an e-newsletter, or get them involved in your social media outlets where you can continue to provide useful information.

Effective websites are no longer just a static part of the marketing equation for medical practices. It needs to be eye-catching, provide a logical experience, answer questions, and motivate engagement. If your online marketing strategy isn’t working hard enough for your medical practice, talk to the experts at Workforce Directory and let us put together a plan that works for you.

About Workforce Directory: Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Workforce Directory has a wealth of experience in custom software design and development, website design and SEO implementation, and online marketing. Our business development experts meet the needs of clients in the business, public sector, transportation and medical fields by providing superior online services. Visit our website at http://www.workforcedirectory.com or call 800-971-8008 to put Workforce Directory to work for your practice.

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