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Many businesses or medical practices trying to market online don’t realize there are two sides to website effectiveness - what site visitors see and what they can’t see. With the length of time that the internet has been utilized as a marketing tool, most realize that a website must be creative, dynamic, interactive, and motivational. But they might not realize how much behind-the-scenes software goes into making a site functional.

To serve the needs of today’s business customers or medical patients, websites must be able to efficiently assist in setting appointments, promoting a purchase, listing homes for sale, or a myriad of other activities, depending on the industry. To the site visitor, this must occur seamlessly so as not to waste time or distract from the task at hand.

How can businesses or medical practices achieve these goals with limited knowledge, small budgets, or limited timeframes? Some turn to generic software to accomplish these tasks. They reason that it is “good enough” and already written, so it should be able to meet their needs. They install it, make it operational, and then find that it doesn’t exactly meet their needs. It is too slow, doesn’t offer sufficient options, or takes visitors in an unwanted direction.

A better option is to utilize custom software. Although the initial expense might appear higher than a generic software package, the investment will more than pay for itself in the long run in terms of increased website visitor satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of using custom software versus generic software:

  • Specific to your needs: Because it is custom, software developed in this way is able to meet your exact needs. Instead of changing your approach to fit the parameters of generic software, change the custom software to suit your requirements. If you have a specific medical question you need to ask for your practice, products you want to promote in certain way, or need more information to make a home-buying recommendation, just update your software team and get the functionality your website merits.
  • Increased quality control: It can be very difficult to change generic software when a bug or glitch is found. Many are available on an “as is” basis, with few variables. Custom software allows more control, and the ability to adapt quickly to any website changes or market demands.
  • Responsiveness: If visitors tell you that your custom software is difficult to navigate, it can be changed. If your generic software is not intuitive to your specific process, you may lose customers or patients who become frustrated.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Some generic software packages may appear to be inexpensive, but the charges start piling on as you add more users or functions. With custom software development, you know exactly what your costs will be, and own a final product that won’t require additional fees for maintenance and updates.
  • Enhanced security: Generic software that is used by many companies is more susceptible to problems once hackers have figured out the basic approach. Custom software can have additional security layers that make the site more difficult to infiltrate.

The benefit of utilizing custom software development from Workforce Directory is that we assemble a team that has specific expertise in your industry to work on your project. We have developed numerous software applications in-house and for select clients in the retail, transportation, education, real estate, and medical fields. Our developers can expand the capabilities of your existing team, or create a project from scratch just for you. Contact us today about your website needs, and let Workforce Directory develop custom software for your business or medical practice.

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